Interior Painting

The key to a great paint job versus a good paint job is room preparation.  The following is what we do:

  • Move all furniture to the middle of the room, and cover
  • Replace furniture at completion of paint work
  • Cover all floors in areas to be painted
  • Remove and replace drapes and blinds
  • General repairs, such as sheetrock, tape & bed, texturing, and sanding are completed before painting
  • Remove and replace all switch and outlet covers
  • Primer all walls to be painted whenever necessary
  • Apply finish coat of paint (Latex) to all walls and ceilings
  • Apply finish coat to all doors, door jambs, crown molding, window sills, and base boards if required
  • Paint or stain kitchen/bathroom cabinets and any existing wood hand rails
  • Clean up work area at the end of each day