Chimney Repairs/Repainting

Does your chimney need to be repaired or painted?

Your chimney is the first part of your home that shows signs that your house needs to be painted.  It is extremely unsightly and very noticeable to passersby, and in some cases, it could prove to be a more serious problem such as:

  1. Rotted wood
  2. Lifted or improperly installed flashing around chimney
  3. Water leaks
  4. Staining on interior ceilings or walls

We will replace any rotted wood with new wood, or if you prefer, we will replace the rotted wood with Hardy Plank/Hardy Siding, which will guarantee that you will never have to replace rotted wood again.

We will repair any loose or lifted flashing around the existing chimney structure.

We will seal all the existing and replaced wood or Hardy Plank/Hardy Siding using a 40 year-rated caulking to give a lasting weather seal.

We will apply primer to all repaired surfaces to ensure proper paint bonding.

We will then apply a minimum 25 year latex paint with the exact sheen to match the existing paint color of your home.

We specialize in making your chimney look like new again.